Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blog Reboot

Did you miss us? Well, Life With One is back. A quick rundown of what has happened since last I wrote:

Andrew was diagnosed almost three years ago (August, 2011) and has actually been in good shape since. He's moved from taking injections to a pump (just over a year ago), and that has changed all our lives for the better. And now, the greatest thing of all: Andrew is less than a week away from his first summer diabetes camp, Camp AZDA in Prescott, Arizona. He's excited for the opportunity, and we can't be happier for him.

Andrew has otherwise been a happy, healthy eight-year-old, ready for summer vacation and (not really) looking forward to third grade in public school. And as time has passed, his parents have learned a few things as well, and grown used to having a T-1 child. We're also looking forward to next week's diabetes camp, with a burning question: what's it like to get a full night's sleep? Hopefully, we'll get an answer.

We've also learned quite a bit about diabetes advocacy, both giving and receiving, and we've met some incredible people along the way - not to mention quite a few incredible T-1 kids. That's what this and other blogs are about - advocacy, awareness and support of both T-1 kids and their parents and families. Together, we can all help our T-1 family members as they live with this disease.

Stay tuned!

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  1. So you have a blog, too! Just glad to hear that Andrew is doing so well given the circumstances. I'm sure the camp will work wonders because we both know that mental attitude is a big part of the fight. Hope you, Sue and the rest of the gang are doing well also. Prayers going out for you all!